ESO plays Ullmann online, 27 Jan 2021

The English Symphony Orchestra is broadcasting an online concert of “music by outsiders”, featuring Viktor Ullmann’s Chamber Symphony, as well as music by Mahler, Erwin Schulhoff and Mieczysław Weinberg.


Gustav Mahler  Das irdische Leben (The Earthly Life)
– Soloist: April Fredrick (Soprano)
Mieczysław Weinberg  Concertino for Violin and Strings
– Soloist: Zoë Beyers (Violin)
Erwin Schulhoff  Suite for Chamber Orchestra
Viktor Ullmann arr. Woods  Chamber Symphony op 46a (Third String Quartet)


English Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Kenneth Woods
Soprano: April Fredrick
Violin: Zoë Beyers

The concert, originally recorded in 2020, will air on 27th January 2021 at 7.30 pm, and be available to view for the following four days.

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