Fundacja Instytut Viktora Ullmanna Cieszyn  & Viktor Ullmann Foundation


  • Honour and remember the composer Viktor Ullmann (Teschen 1898 – Auschwitz 1944) in the place of his birth and to be an ambassador for his life and works
  • Research the remnants and descendants of the Jewish Community in Cieszyn Silesia, making an honourable and living memorial to them
  • Office of ‘Strange Passenger International Music and Arts Festival’ Cieszyn Silesia


George Benjamin

Alfred Brendel

Daniel Barenboim


Jacqueline Cole


Professor Yehuda Bauer

Director of Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Israel

Elena Makarova

Artist and Writer living in Jerusalem, Israel

Yonat Klar

Director – Beit Terezin, Israel

Mgr Hanus Weber

TV Producer, Sweden

Dr Christian Meyer

Director of the Schoenberg Institute, Vienna

Gregorij von Leїtis

Director Elysium Between Two Continents Bernried Germany and New York USA

Michael Wiener

Lawyer & Musician living in Trier, Germany

Dr Andreas Krause

Editor in Chief, Schott’s International Music Publishers, Mainz Germany

Ilona Ziok

Film Director living in Berlin, Germany

Arnost Lustig

Writer living in Washington DC USA

Renata Karpinska M. Sc.

Head of Promotion and Information Office, Cieszyn Municipality

Bogdan Wojciech Ficek D. Sc.

Mayor of Cieszyn

Mgr Halina Szymura

TV Broadcasting Chief, Krakow Poland

Roman Gutek

Director Gutek Films Warsaw Poland and New Horizons Film Festival, Cieszyn, Silesia

Dr Andre Laks

Philosopher and Writer, Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Charles de Gaulle University,Lille France

Sonja Linden

Playright and Writer- in- Residence Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, London UK